This page is for Octopus Deploy 3.0 and newer versions. You can view this page for Octopus 2.0

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Octo.exe is a command line tool that builds on top of the Octopus Deploy HTTP API

The latest version of Octo.exe can always be downloaded from the Octopus downloads page or installed via Chocolatey.


Octo.exe supports the following commands:


General usage

All commands take the form of:

You can see a list of commands using:

And you can get help for a specific command using:

Arguments are not case sensitive and can take the following forms:

All commands require you to pass the URL of the Octopus Server's API endpoint, and an API key which is used to authenticate you.

Creating API keys


Octo.exe is built and maintained by the Octopus Deploy team, but it is also open source. You can view the Octopus Tools project on GitHub.



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